Friday, 9 November 2018

Maker’s Choice – Consuelo Radclyffe

Brazilian born, Consuelo Radclyffe studied ceramics at Westminster University and graduated in 2008.

She makes clay sculptures and objects and her inspirations include childhood memories, cartoons characters and caricatures. Her favourite products are cats and plates. They are quirky and interesting, some functional and others decorative.

She will be back at Homeworks on Sunday 2 December selling a variety of objects – bowls and plates with painted faces, vases and birds.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Maker’s Choice – Scobel Clothing

Scobel Clothing is a carefully considered capsule wardrobe of versatile utility inspired items of clothing for women. Founder and creative director Jackie Parsons will be bringing her collection to Homeworks on Sunday 9 December.

Jackie explains in her own words the design philosophy behind her fashion label:
“I only wear clothes I have made. Inspiration comes from solving problems of wearability; tweaking the ‘cut’ so that each item is constantly evolving:

Where ever possible I strive to minimise pressure on the environment by using fabrics sourced from stock excess to the trade.
All items are designed, cut and sewn my myself in my studio in south east London. My favourite item is the cross back apron as it cam be worn by all members of the family in a number of situations:

Inspiration also comes from costume dramas which I can watch endlessly and visiting vintage markets and museums.”

Monday, 5 November 2018

Maker’s Choice – Romor Designs

Rob Jones, of Romor Designs is a textiles designer and maker practising Japanese textiles crafts including Shibori, Katagami stencilling, Sashiko and Boro and dyeing with Indigo and natural plant dyes.

He designs, dyes and creates all his own fabrics which he makes into into lampshades, homewares, scarves, bags and gifts.

We asked Rob which of his favourite products he will be bringing to Homeworks on Sunday 2 December and where does he find his inspiration:

“My favourite product I make is my lavender eye pillows. Filled with organic French lavender from Dove Farm in Norfolk, and dyed with Japanese indigo in a variety of patterns these are one of my best sellers and make a great gift.

Japan is my inspiration! I've been twice now and am taking a group over in November 2019 to do a textiles workshop in the mountains outside Tokyo. I love seeing the skill and expertise of the Japanese craftspeople which inspires my own work.”

Come and meet Rob on Sunday 2 December.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Maker’s Choice – Wilder Botanics

Wilder Botanics are organic therapeutic herbal blends for whole body well being, both inside and out. We specialise in organic and wild crafted herbal infusions; body and face oils and salts and soaks. We use only the the finest organic wild crafted ingredients in every hand blended product.
It’s difficult to choose just one favourite product as we love and use them all ... daily! 

Most probably at the moment our night oil makes me swoon. I love the forest, whether it be in Somerset or on the Heath . Or the mountains in Summer with wild Arnica & Echinacea.


Wilder Botanics will be at Homeworks on Sunday 2 December.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Maker’s Choice – By Cecil

I started my weaving life during my Foundation year at Camberwell when we were asked to complete a weaving module. It felt like a lightbulb moment and the realisation that this is what I was supposed to be doing.

I went on to complete a degree in Textiles Design at Central Saint Martins specialising in weave. After a decade working for high street brands in product management, I missed the joy you feel when creating a product from scratch.

By Cecil was launched in January of this year and I haven't looked back. I mainly work with wool concentrating on techniques such as double cloth and twills with my main focus being on texture and colour. I have a collection of merino wool scarves and blankets created as a part of a limited edition run. There are between 5 and 18 of each design made as a reflection of my desire to create heirloom pieces.

I love nothing more than snuggling under one of my blankets on the sofa. You cannot beat a Sunday film session, fire crackling and tea on tap. I find that I wear the Heather scarf most as I love the combination of colours. The merino wool is so soft and comforting, and I love the way it holds the scent of my perfume.

I love a wander on the beach, particularly on a cold and blustery day. It blows away the cobwebs and leaves you feeling simultaneously fresh and exhausted. If I am feeling stuck creatively, then I usually take a day to go to the Tate. A trip into town tends to involve a walk along the Thames from Borough (and of course a trip to Borough Market for some brownies).

Come and meet Cecilia at our Homeworks Christmas Bazaar on Sunday 9 December.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Makers Choice – Elvira Van Vredenburgh

In the coming weeks we will be featuring a selection of our designers and makers and asking them to choose a favourite piece from their collection.

Today we are kicking off with Elvira Van Vredenburgh, back for another year with us on Sunday 2 December:

I have always had a passion for anything printed and studied at The Royal College of Art leaving with an MA in printed textile design. Afterwards I set up a print studio selling silk screen and then digitally printed fabric designs worldwide to designer names such as Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein to High Street stores such as The Gap and Victoria Secret.

In 2016 I decided it was time for a change of direction and so Elvira van Vredenburgh Designs was born. Instead of selling to other designers I wanted to become the designer maker.

Starting with a small collection of cards which then turned into wrapping paper, notecards, notebooks and giclee prints and printed silk scarves:

 My first collection ‘Birds’ was inspired by the drama and movement of birds in flight, almost like a dance. I wanted to capture this spirit in her designs. My style is very bold and graphic yet has a delicate edge.
I’m very inspired by 30’s style vintage posters with strong blocks of colour and pattern:

Designs start as a little pencil sketch and are then scanned into the computer and reworked in Adobe illustrator. This is where the play of bold shapes, colour and pattern takes place.

I will be bringing my updated snowflake Christmas wrapping paper to homeworks this year. It is my most popular online product and a current favourite:

Sunday, 9 September 2018

New Dates for 2018

The Homeworks Christmas Bazaar will be back at The Salusbury Rooms at The Queen’s Park Farmers’ Market, NW6 for two dates only in December.
It’s a brilliantly curated collection of designers and makers and if you would like to apply for a stall, click on the link to find out more:…/invitation-to-apply-for-homeworks-2933…

Good luck!