Saturday, 8 December 2018

Maker’s Choice – Marie-Claire White

My name is Marie-Claire White and I'm a local illustrator and painter. I mainly work on a commission basis and work from my studio near Scrubs Lane.

At the Homeworks Christmas Bazaar I will have framed and unframed prints and originals available. I will also have limited slots for personalised illustrations available in time for Christmas.

I think the opportunity to get a bespoke illustration/gift is my favourite thing I can offer. It’s meaningful and thoughtful, people are really touched when they receive personalised gifts and is often unexpected.

I’m constantly inspired by a Facebook group called The Golden Age of Illustrations. Everyday people post rare and really beautiful illustration from the early 1900’s. In our busy lives it’s a quick and easy way to get a hit of inspiration. I really recommend it to anyone who loves the art of illustration although be prepared to lose hours of your life!
Marie-Claire will be at Homeworks on Sunday 9 December.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Maker’s Choice – Julia Landes

I combine my drawings with hand built ceramic platters, cups and other useful household objects:

My background is originally in printed textiles and when you see my style of work you can see that colour, pattern, line; they are all important to me and now I combine them with my ceramic pieces.

I think my favourite piece is a platter with one of my illustrations of the top of Primrose Hill in the winter:

I am constantly inspired by London, that could be the parks, buildings, people, dogs and their owners or our great landmarks.

I think my absolute favourite London spots would be the Ladies Pond on Hampstead Heath or the top of Primrose Hill.

Julia Landes will be at our second Homeworks Christmas Bazaar on Sunday 9 December.

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Maker’s Choice – Rebecca Ozkural

My name is Rebecca Ozkural and I am an artist specialising in pastel paintings of wildlife and Pets. I draw the inspiration for my paintings from my great love of animals and nature.

I was born in Canada and grew up in the mountains, surrounded by nature and natural beauty. I grew to have a deep respect and love for all the animals I was surrounded by-be it the many pets I had the joy to call my own or the wild birds, bears, moose, wolves and other great wildlife I would encounter on a regular basis.

I strive to capture the spirit and personality of every animal I paint. Only the highest quality materials go into my products, from the pastels and paper used to paint the original works to the locally made giclee prints.
You can purchase A3 or A4 prints of my works which would make a great gift for loved ones. I also sell cards of my prints which are on luxurious card stock and make lovely Christmas cards to give your friends and family.

I offer commissions if you would like to get an original painting of your beloved family pet, and my original wildlife paintings are also available for purchase if you would like to own some original artwork.

I love this painting of this little plumbeous water redstart. This little bird has a lot of personality and I'm quite proud I was able to capture his attitude and movement.

For me inspiration always comes from nature-and luckily London is teeming with gorgeous parks. I love to go for early morning walks in Regents Park and I spend a lot of time there watching the various birds. If I am lucky I might spot one of London's many foxes, and of course it's always enjoyable to greet the dogs their early morning walks.

Rebecca is at Homeworks on Sunday 9 December.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Maker’s Choice – Deborah B Design

Deborah B is a London-based multi-skilled artist and award winning designer and maker. Working with precious metals, leather, stones and glass, she designs and makes jewellery and accessories. inspired by nature, shapes and colours, she hand-weaves white gold for her engagement, wedding and eternity rings line ‘White Gold Stone’:

Deborah has chosen her ‘Golden Moon’ leather hand-crafted earrings as her favourite product and she’ll be bringing these and more of her unique designs to Homeworks on Sunday 9 December:

Come and meet Deborah at Homeworks Sunday 9 December.

Maker’s Choice – Theresaceramica

My name is Theresa Edwards, I trained in fine art painting followed by a post diploma in ceramics, then spent many years working in the animation industry.
When computers took over from arty types like me, I left and picked up my love of working in ceramics again.
I’m coming to Homeworks on Sunday 9 December with a selection of my hand built plates and other work.

I’m very fortunate to have a studio and kiln in my garden where I make hand built earthenware pieces, some suitable for domestic use and others more ‘ornamental’.
I love the decorating process – using hand cut paper stencils, wax resists, slips and underglaze colours – all before the first firing.
A second clear glaze firing ensures the colours are safe for domestic use.

Hard to say where I find inspiration – my imagination just flows along – I hardly ever sketch or plan a design, they just take shape on the damp clay.
I suppose nature plays a large part. I’m fortunate to be able to spend time in the country and by the sea in Cornwall.

Fantasy and colour seem very important to me! Increasingly so, as shown in the bowl I’m holding in the photograph, a very recent work which I’m very pleased with!

Come and meet Theresa at Homeworks on Sunday 9 December.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Maker’s Choice – Lizzy Chambers

Lizzy Chambers is a designer and creator of exquisite glass jewellery.
She has a passion for colour and growing beautiful natural things.

Her collection includes a beautiful botanical range of flowers and seeds that are grown in her own garden and from a farm in the North of England.

Her keepsake jewellery has a hint of nostalgia and fairy tales, giving it that magical feeling.

Lizzy's favourite product is the crystal pull through earrings, they add a little bit of glamour to your outfit and are super comfortable to wear too. She’ll be bringing them to Homeworks and Lizzy will probably wearing a pair too! 

Lizzy find's inspiration in places that you might not expect and normally when she isn't looking for it too. Whilst taking walks, browsing her favourite gardening magazines, taking a shower is sometimes the best place for a new idea!
Come and meet Lizzy at Homeworks on Sunday 9 December.

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Maker’s Choice – Nina Nou

I am an illustrator and designer and run the brand Nina Nou, I work from my small studio in East London.

I make and sell art prints, stationery, children’s books and textile products:

I work alongside my faithful dog Ziggy who often features in my designs.

I would like to nominate my brand new cotton woven throws as my favourite product. The design ‘Persia’ was inspired by my half Persian roots.

The animals in the design are taken from Persian carpets, apart from Ziggy who makes an appearance on there too!

These woven throws are perfect as blankets, bedspreads, or can be used as wall hangings in kids’ rooms. They are made by a small family run mill in North Carolina in America and are spun and woven from 100% cotton.

I’ll be at Homeworks on Sunday 2 December, see you there!