Saturday, 9 December 2017

Mary Pritchard

I am a local Queens Park artist and work from a specially-designed studio at home. I generally open my studio to the public twice a year, in the Summer and in the run-up to Christmas. I work in ceramics, photography and hand-made artists’ books and love the variety of having different artistic interests which in fact all fire off each other:

I love my new funky vases which I have really enjoyed making and decorating. I usually make sculptural or non-functional ceramic pieces so to make vases has been a new adventure for me which has been very satisfying. It is a great thrill to think of someone enjoying and using one of my hand-made vases in their everyday home-life:

Although I am a great fan of nature and the natural world and get much of my inspiration from those sources, I can be inspired by anything I come across from a random object spotted in the street, a painting or drawing either famous or otherwise, to a pattern on the seats of a tube train! For me as an artist it is about being open to the world around me and using it for ideas. I am also interested in research-based art and am currently working on a project based on archival material from my mother’s early life in 1930s Ireland.

Come and meet Mary at Homeworks on Sunday 10 December.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Cardabelle Design

I am a printmaker working with the traditional techniques of linocut and letterpress. I set up Cardabelle Design three years ago, using my prints to develop quality products the kitchen and home. I love traditional print, I also love food and cooking, which I celebrate in my work. I also teach traditional printmaking techniques from my studio in West Hampstead:

My favourite product is my new Soupe de Poisson tote bag, very sturdy and strong - beautiful and practical, it is big enough to hold all you need, perfect for a trip to the farmer's market! My Soupe de Poisson print has long been my best selling design and it goes so well on this distinctive bag:

I love wandering around food markets, taking photos and being inspired to draw, print and cook!

Cardabelle Design are coming to Homeworks on Sunday 10 December.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Sally Hampson

Weaver Sally Hampson is passionate about pure British wool and sheep breeds such as Shetland, Welsh Black Mountain and Jacob and has spent time with shepherds in the Cheviot Hills on the Scottish border:

This wild and rugged landscape is an important part of what inspires her weaving and this is evident in her blankets, wraps and scarves – Sally is always close to the colours and textures of natural materials and the simplest way of combining them together: 

The Connemara Banket or the Family Blanket as Sally calls it, was a wool blanket her parents brought over from Ireland when they came to settle in London. The blanket became a very special object, almost like another family member and it was well used for picnics and holidays.

Being the weaver in the family, Sally inherited this precious heirloom from her parents. She decided to replicate it, counting the threads of the faded check and softening the colours slightly to reflect the surrounding landscape along the Connemara shore line, with pools of water and light against the peaty, heathery earth:

These simple aesthetics continue to influence Sally’s artistic career, from working in the theatre on costumes and sets, to travelling to Egypt, Ethiopia and Kenya, to work with artisan weavers, potters and basket makers.

Sally Hampson will be back at Homeworks on both Sunday 3 & 10 December.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Lord and Taft

My name is Tracy Lord and I am a knitwear designer based in Muswell Hill, North London. My brand is called Lord and Taft , I’m a member of Muswell Hill Creatives and I also teach and write design books sometimes!

 I make machine  and hand knitted accessories for men, women and children including ties, scarves, gloves, hats and socks. They’re all made of lovely natural fibres like alpaca, silk and cotton:

Currently my favourite products are my silk and cotton blend ties:

Being observant and in the right frame of mind to notice things is the best place to be for inspiration – sometimes I’ll see an amazing bit of lichen, or a carving on a door, or maybe just the colours of leaves against the pavement – and that’s enough to spark an idea when I get home.

I believe you can do this absolutely anywhere, it’s a state of mind rather than a location. Having said that, travelling through New Mexico was pretty damn cool for inspiration!

Lord and Taft are at Homeworks on Sunday 3 December.

Friday, 1 December 2017


My name is Dolapo and I started Urbanknit in 2006 with the aim of providing unique and colourful handmade fashion accessories that give you a sense of individuality. Trained as an architect, I love to design and make pieces that are unique and unusual in bold prints, bright colours and interesting textures:

I particularly love using traditional African prints and fabrics and combining them with fabrics like denim, corduroy, and cotton to make accessories that are durable yet interesting thus mixing colours and cultures where the old tradition meets the modern world:

My favourite product is the zipper pouch. They are small and colourful but also extremely useful. They are great for keeping together little bits and bobs in your bag, like coins, receipts, makeup etc. They are bright so you can find them easily!

I love wandering somewhat aimlessly in the city and one of my favourite stops is Tate Modern for some contemporary art inspiration.

Come and see Urbanknit at Homeworks on Sunday 10 December.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Longstaff Longstaff

London brand Longstaff Longstaff has brought together a beautiful collection of silk loungewear using fresh and original, hand painted prints. Designer and founder Sophie Barnard has an aesthetic that is freshly feminine and elegant and her brand has an artisan feel with a commitment to British craftsmanship and luxury finishes:

This is their first year at Homeworks and the print-led collection includes chemises, camisoles and shorts, pyjamas, tunics and a unique wrap around robe. The fabric is printed in Worcestershire and the garments are made in one of London’s premiere production studios:

Homeworks will be one of the first places to see new lines ready for Christmas – including men’s pocket squares and silk bound notebooks and silk sleep masks. These are made in India by a family firm who specialise in using offcuts – bringing sustainability to the front of our minds:

The hero of the loungewear collection is the kimono robe- it is effortlessly glamorous but we have fallen for our note book too. They look beautiful but feel beautiful too:

Sophie is hugely influenced by the decorative arts- particularly folk embroidery so the V&A is a fantastic resource and inspiration.

Come and see Sophie on Sunday 10 December.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Janina Schroeter

I’m Janina and I started illustrating maps three years ago. Everything started as a Christmas present for friends but quickly I realised that a lot of people like my illustrations and can relate to them. Most of the times I illustrate maps. So far London, Queens Park, Kensal Rise or my hometown in Germany. It’s always places I love and where I have a connection to:

My favourite Map is the Queens Park one. I think many people who are going to visit the Homework Christmas Bazaar can relate to it and spot some familiar places also there is a personalised version where you can highlight your own special places in Queens Park which are important to you:

The best inspiration for me is to stroll around London and discover new things. So many areas in London are so unique and you always see different places, things and people. Taking pictures or sketches of these things inspire me and help me to make my maps detailed and fun to look at.

Janina Schroeter will be at Homeworks in Sunday 3 December.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Sir Plus

Homeworks’ favourites Sir Plus are back again this year on Sunday 10 December with their beautifully made menswear and accessories.

Sir Plus was conceived and created by Henry Hales, who recognised an opportunity for sustainable fashion using exceptional quality surplus fabric.

With extensive contacts in the major factories and fabric dealers from England to Italy, Sir Plus have access to the finest quality fabrics in an extensive variety of prints and styles:

Henry initially produced a small range of boxer shorts which were so well received he has now expanded to include waistcoats, dressing gowns, Nehru waistcoats and jackets, scarves, pocket squares and jumpers. The collections keep evolving and more products are on their way:

One of Henry’s favourite pieces are his Shetland wool gilets. With a touch of padding for extra comfort, these super versatile items are great for layering clothes and switching up your look:

It is to no surprise that Henry’s favourite place for inspiration is Portobello Road, where you’ll find him every Saturday, connecting with his customers and having a chat with those who appreciate his work.

Come and meet Henry and the team on Sunday 10 December.

Saturday, 25 November 2017


Vevian’s range of children’s shoes and accessories are designed and handcrafted in London from high quality supple leather. Founder and designer Vivienne Lopez sources materials from local suppliers, makes all her products locally, and recycles material where ever possible:

“I’ve always loved shoes. The right pair of shoes not only add a finishing touch to an outfit, they also create a unique expression of the wearer's personality and individuality – I think they’re a little piece of art. My passion for footwear led me to study shoe design.
It was my daughter’s first birthday where the story of Vevian began. I made her shoes that were not only worthy of her first birthday but would be a beautiful memento that we could both treasure when she was older. I made pink shoes with beautiful ribbons, which attracted a lot of attention from our family and friends. It became clear other people wanted shoes made to be treasured forever and my business was born.

Always knowing I would expand to this collection, when I was designing gifts for my four fabulous fashion-conscious sisters, I put my leatherwork skills to good use and created a beautiful handbag:

It was important to create a handbag that would suit a busy lifestyle. Keeping size and ease of use in mind, this particular accessory needed to tick all boxes: sizeable enough to carry all you need, a long strap that is versatile enough to be worn on the shoulder or cross-body, and most importantly beautiful enough that you’ll never want to take it off when your day turned into an evening outing”.

From the original handbag, aptly named ‘sister’, a whole range was born; functional yet beautiful accessories to suit men and women:

Vevian will be at Homeworks on Sunday 10 December.

Friday, 24 November 2017


Samar Fazil and Rabia Khan are the founders of multi award winning brand soapNskin. The wonderful array of artisan products provides your hair, face & body with the natural care it deserves.

There’s head to toe cleansing in the form of shampoos, body washes and soaps and provide intense luxurious moisture in the form of the 100% natural, whipped, body butter all created by hand using only the finest natural ingredients such as rose, neroli and lavender essential oils:

Samar's favourite product is the Lavender & Lime Body Butter. It’s part of a range of products tailored to balance, calm and sooth unruly skin while providing the most refreshing, uplifting scent:

Samar and Rabia often look abroad for inspiration – the Rose Sandalwood and Neem Oil range is most definitely rooted within the subcontinent. However, once inspired they try and source locally wherever they can – for instance the Honey within their Honey, Oat and Manuka Oil range is sourced from a not for profit apiary in Sherwood Forest.

soapNskin will be donating 50% of all sales of their gift boxes to Children’s Relief in Bethlehem and will be back at Homeworks on both the 3 & 10 December.

Thursday, 23 November 2017


My name is Ana Bridgewater, and Abalon is my alias as an artist. Over the years I have lived, worked and exhibited in the US, UK and Spain. My London studio is my laboratory and my factory.

It’s where I design and experiment, and hand-make my pieces one-by-one. It’s hard work, but I love what I do. I have been working with porcelain for over a decade – it’s an amazing material that comes direct from earth. I love it for its hardiness, translucence, silk texture and it’s versatility as a material:

Influenced by nature and finished with gold, my candles are handmade, using a strong composite of porcelain. When burning, the porcelain is translucent, and the light produced is warm and delicate. When the wax has burned away, the porcelain cup can be used again and reimagined.

I go for inspiration to Kew Gardens, The Natural History Museum, The V&A, The RA, photography exhibitions, street art exhibitions, new media exhibitions. I also love long walks with my dog and my husband and then being in my studio. All inspiration comes together on my dreams.

Abalon will be at Homeworks on Sunday 10 December.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Rebecca Denton

About me:
My name is Rebecca Denton and I’m a painter/printmaker based in North London and create unique, handcrafted prints and original illustrations. My etchings can be seen permanently at the Southbank Printmakers Gallery and an edition of linocuts has been archived in London’s V+A. I work from my own rough sketches and ideas, combining various techniques for original outcomes.

My favourite product:
All my prints are my favourites and it’s hard to choose one! 
However, I do love the crafted, vintage feel of etchings (engravings) and enjoy every step of the process: coming up with an idea, redrawing the initial sketch onto a grounded zinc plate and then adding various techniques for tone and texture. The plate is inked for every print in the edition making each one truly unique:

My favourite place to find inspiration:
Everywhere really... my sketchbook, imagination and childhood memories.

Rebecca will be back for another year at Homeworks Christmas Bazaar on Sunday 10 December.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Spry Workwear

Daisy Bridgewater will be bringing her distinctive and stylish utility wear to Homeworks on Sunday 3 December. Here’s a bit about Spry Workwear, in her own words:

So, I am a writer and journalist turned workwear designer, based in beautiful and remote East Suffolk. I began thinking about practical, stylish clothing as a response to my environment, and as a response various plates that modern, working women like me keep spinning every day. As an active creative person, I need clothes that will take a beating but will not make me look like life has beaten any sense of style out of me. This is my studio in Suffolk:

Boiler suits are very much at the core of my brand, which I first launched, rather tentatively, last year at Homeworks. I have been thrilled with the response from like-minded, stylish women, working in all sorts of creative industries. Others have bought a boiler purely for its fashion credentials:

I sell navy blue twill boiler suits, denim boiler suits, navy blue and denim work shirts, sail cloth and linen aprons, work trousers and dresses (although the last 2 are in very limited supply):

My favourite product is the new washed denim boiler suit (the one I am wearing in the photo below):

It does everything that I want it to, looking super stylish and sexy, but never stopping me doing anything. I can wear it from the chicken run to the office party (although I might change my shoes). My navy blue boiler suit has been featured in Red Magazine and The Times.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Rosemont Vintage

Rosemont Vintage sell quality reclaimed decorative homewares, sourced in France, England and beyond:

Lorna’s favourite products include cushions made from salvaged antique quilts and linens. Her inspiration is derived from “The joy of discovering exciting finds at French brocantes and flea markets:”

Rosemont Vintage will be at Homeworks on Sunday 3 December.