Friday, 25 November 2016

Meet the Maker - Vanessa Cohen Handmade Ceramics

I produce a range of handmade white earthenware bowls, platters and cups. I have a Fine Art Degree from The University of Cape Town where I majored in Sculpture.
My degree included a small amount of ceramics but I always had the desire to further my knowledge of the making of ceramic tableware as I very rarely found tableware that I liked.

My love of beautiful handmade things inspired me to take extra classes at Kensington and Chelsea College and I started my business in 2008. All my ceramics are made by hand in my studio which is based in NW10, just off Scrubs Lane.

I produce a delicate range of handmade tableware which very subtly explores and expresses the distorting qualities of thin clay:

An element of chance is embraced as I allow my bowls to uniformly distort into organic egg-like shapes in the kiln. People are drawn to my work and feel compelled to hold it because each piece is imbued with a uniquely ‘imperfect’ and tactile quality.

Vanessa will be at Homeworks on Sunday 4 December.

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