Saturday, 18 November 2017

Spry Workwear

Daisy Bridgewater will be bringing her distinctive and stylish utility wear to Homeworks on Sunday 3 December. Here’s a bit about Spry Workwear, in her own words:

So, I am a writer and journalist turned workwear designer, based in beautiful and remote East Suffolk. I began thinking about practical, stylish clothing as a response to my environment, and as a response various plates that modern, working women like me keep spinning every day. As an active creative person, I need clothes that will take a beating but will not make me look like life has beaten any sense of style out of me. This is my studio in Suffolk:

Boiler suits are very much at the core of my brand, which I first launched, rather tentatively, last year at Homeworks. I have been thrilled with the response from like-minded, stylish women, working in all sorts of creative industries. Others have bought a boiler purely for its fashion credentials:

I sell navy blue twill boiler suits, denim boiler suits, navy blue and denim work shirts, sail cloth and linen aprons, work trousers and dresses (although the last 2 are in very limited supply):

My favourite product is the new washed denim boiler suit (the one I am wearing in the photo below):

It does everything that I want it to, looking super stylish and sexy, but never stopping me doing anything. I can wear it from the chicken run to the office party (although I might change my shoes). My navy blue boiler suit has been featured in Red Magazine and The Times.

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